Founded in September 2010, with the staff who are experienced engineers, Tin Tan has been exploring the potential of technology, knowledge and innovative internal resources to bring customers the software products and services with the highest quality.

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What do we do?

As a company operating in the field of software, always a pioneer in applying new technologies in products and services. With enthusiastic, experienced staff and professional working style, we are confident to provide customers with:

  • Software products and IT services for management, education, economics, engineering;
  • Consulting and support excellent services for customer on IT;
  • The impressive designs and the perfect solution for professional web applications.

Missions of Tin Tan

Our mission is to continuously improve and enhance the quality of products and services. Supply the best services for customers in markets where the company participated in.

Our philosophy

The customer is the basic value of any business, is the sole reason for the existence and development of business. We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply our experience, skill, thinking to solve optimally these needs, helping customers focus on their core business activities.

Development orientation of Tin Tan

Continuously develop, innovate and improve quality of products, apply new technologies, improve services, to meet the requirements of customers with expected quality at the highest level.